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Wednesday, October 13th, 2021 7:34 AM

Basement protection




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2 years ago

@rashis.139m  Even though you had no body to your post, your title possibly indicates you are interested in protecting basement windows or doors that are never or seldom opened. Going with that guess, I have 3 basement windows that have not been open in 30 years. I have all 3 with entry sensors set to "instant trigger" to alarm for home and away modes. Unfortunately, SS doesn't give you the option to arm for "off mode" so I have them set to secret alert.

SS, a golden oldie request, please allow an entry sensor to set to alarm in "off mode". Shouldn't be hard to program and will allow the same effect to protect seldom or never used entry points that would be possible if you implemented zones (which would be much more harder to program.

Johnny M, please pass on (again) to the dev team. Thanks!
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