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Thursday, January 9th, 2020 1:20 AM

Base voice not loud enough

Anyway to make the base station voice louder ?

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4 years ago

Do you have the interactive plan 24.99? If yes then you can go in the app and adjust the volume for the voice. If not you can still go in the keypad and do it that way as well.

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4 years ago

Even at it's loudest, it's not very loud

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4 years ago

What do you use the audio for?

I have voice on only nothing else and have it hidden away somewhere.

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4 years ago

Dandy, some like to hear the base station voice/announcements (as a comfort/confidence thing), confirmation of arming/disarming, and the door chime - also, SS3's base station announces when component batteries are low (but only announces it once).

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9 months ago

Would also like to be able to hear the base station announcements better. Even set to the loudest settings you cannot hear the base station announcements. This has been an ongoing problem for many people for many years. It seems like SimpliSafe could easily do an update to allow the voice to come out of their optional extra sirens or offer additional remote speakers that would fix this problem. Please SimpliSafe take this problem seriously and give us this much needed security fix.

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9 months ago

I want to make the camera audio louder. Not the base station. Any way to do that?

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@JimVanOver​ There is no setting to change the Outdoor Camera's volume. The Outdoor Camera is quite compact, so it'll never be loudspeaker-loud, but it should be audible when you're close to it. It may help to position the camera a little lower to help with 2-way audio.

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