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Sunday, July 5th, 2020 1:43 AM

Base Station

The SimpliSafe web page said customer service is open EVERY DAY from 9am to midnight.  Said nothing about holidays.  That taken into account...where I live we have these little things called Hurricanes that can cause evacuations and knock out power for weeks on end.  I understand the base station batteries only last for 24 hours.  What happens when the power comes back on?  And, does SimpliSafe Recommend any other equipment to keep the system running longer than 24 hours?



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4 years ago

@JMaks88 your point on the notice in the website is well taken, and SS has never modified that script. They did add the company holidays when support is closed, but it is buried in the support area and, to your point, should be readily available to those that are not aware.

When power is down, and when it is restored, if you are on the total command plan 24.99 you will get a notice, depending how you have it set up, push notice, SMS or email or all of them. (Push is the quickest).

If you do a google site search you will find the topic of back up power options discussed at length.

site: www.simplisafe.com/forum power backup SS3

BTW, support is opened again tomorrow morning, 9am eastern.

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4 years ago

Actually 24 hours is probably an over-estimate.  I'm thinking 8 hours is closer to reality.

You could use a UPS, but they are designed for high power for a short period of time, and the DC to AC conversion tends to waste a lot of the power.  Some of the newer ones seem more efficient; if it has a "power usage meter" it might give you an estimate on how long it will last.  I think mine claims about 40 hours but its been a long time since I checked so could be wrong.

The best solution might be a solar charged battery bank feeding a voltage divider  which provides the voltage at the output of the SS power adapter.  That is, the battery is wired directly to the SS base rather than going through a DC to AC conversion to power the SS adapter, and the AC to DC conversion which takes place in that adapter.
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