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Saturday, December 31st, 2022 6:00 PM

Base Station Reset

I’ve had my 3rd generation system for about five weeks. In that time, I have had to reset the base station two times. I find this problematic, because I travel frequently and need my system to be operational continuously.

I have been reading online, and it appears that loss of cell phone connectivity can be a contributing factor to this problem. I can confirm that my house has very weak cell phone reception. I have Verizon in my house, and I have a 4G network extender, but in terms of Ross cell phone connectivity. The signal strength is very weak. However, my Wi-Fi signal is very strong throughout my house. 

Any ideas on what the root problem might be, and how I can prevent this problem from happening in the future? A system that needs to be reset frequently is of little use to me. I need a system that will remain functional and online without having to be reset at the base station every couple of weeks.



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2 years ago

@bobhayesphd I had SS3 the week it released and never had this issue, having the Verizon chip. Even when it dropped (had large outage about 2 years ago for several days) and no issues. I would call SS to troubhleshoot and, if they can't find an issue, ask for the base to be replaced.

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2 years ago

Hi @bobhayesphd 

When you are resetting your Base Station, have you received any error prior to taking those steps? It is worth noting that the Base Station uses the cellular connection as a backup connection, so it should rely primarily on your WiFi for connectivity. 

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