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Friday, March 12th, 2021 1:26 PM

Base Station Power Backup

I asked this question in a different Thread and received little response, so I am re-posting it here as a question and suggestion.

If the Base station batteries go dead due to an extended power outage, would it be possible to take the connector from the wall charger and plug it into an external 5 volt backup battery? I have one that I use for my iPad and cell phone. I also have a portable solar charger that puts out the same required voltage for charging my iPad and cell phone and it just needs a light source to produce electricity. It will recharge my devices as well as my backup battery. By doing so the Base station would be receiving the same voltage as it would if it were connected to the wall plug adapter. Would this work to keep the alarm functioning due to an extended power outage such as was seen in Texas? Perhaps SimpliSafe could make available such a backup to be used for an extended power outage. Any thoughts?



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3 years ago

@Route 66 Guy I saw your post but didn't reply as I honestly have no clue to the answer to your question. So.....here's a link for a thread that may help, compliments of a Google site search. Good luck.


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2 years ago

Did you ever find the answer to your question? I'm interested in this too. The provided link above didn't work. 


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2 years ago

You can get a battery backup and plug the SS base station into it. https://youtu.be/ohK6u4a7DZk

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