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Thursday, June 22nd, 2023 12:04 AM

Base station on the yellow

….And playing annoying spaceship tones again while verbally stating there is no connection to the monitoring center, when all internet connection is just fine and everything else in the house is connected and working properly. After unplugging and taking out the batteries for several minutes and “resetting”, it immediately resumes, then stops sometimes later, and will start up again randomly. When this is happening, the app states “Everything is OK.” So alas, my frizzy, tired brain is at odds with whom to believe - the app or the station? It had happened earlier this year and eventually it just stopped doing it after a fortnite or so of middle night home break-in anxiety awakening and getting through the process of my son trying to compose a piano accompaniment to the satellite mission control center symphony.

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1 year ago

Hello @blondebrainscans ,

That sounds like the Trouble Signal, which warns of critical system issues that could impact your safety. In this case, it's probably the "No Link to Dispatch" error, meaning that your Base Station is at the time disconnected from WiFi and cell. It's super odd that the SimpliSafe app isn't reporting an issue - though if you tried to arm the system, I suspect you'd get a connectivity error from the app as well. But we want to listen to the Base Station and Keypad; they would have the most up-to-date info on their own status.

You're on the right track with the Base Station reset. Fully shutting down the system (including taking out the batteries) and rebooting will force the system to refresh all of its connections. If you have your Base Station connected to WiFI, it might help to disconnect and reconnect that through the Keypad (under Menu > System Settings > WiFi).

And if you have Monitoring Service, we should troubleshoot the cell service as well. Try moving the Base Station to a different spot where it would have better communication with the cell towers in your neighborhood - like near (but not in front of) a window, in an open space on a shelf.

I just had this issue as well. Very annoying. App reports everything is fine with the base station. Wifi is working everywhere in the house just fine. Unplugging and plugging the base station fixes the issue for me.

Thankfully this happened during the day, if this was in the middle of the night I would be losing my mind. 

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