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Sunday, January 26th, 2020 3:32 AM

Base Station not working


I have an older version of simplisafe. My base station is not connecting to the dispatch service. I tried ooptions mentioned in the forum such as taking out the batteries etc., but didn't help. On my online account, it asks me to enter master pin. I did that,  but then it ssays "wifi not connected". My base station doesn't connect to wifi. Does someone need to activate it?  Please advise.




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4 years ago

@ puriaseem If you have SS2, you are correct you don't connect to WIFI.  Suggest you call Support, option 4, and have then fix your setup.

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4 years ago

You may also need a new cellular module if your phone carrier is moving on to 4G.  SS has these available for SS2 systems, but you have to call them for it, and when you swap it in your base station, you may have to call SS again to activate that module (or you'll have problems again trying to connect because SS didn't activate the SIM in the module).

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4 years ago

Thanks, what time should I call the customer care? I tried calling them yesterday and again today, and was on hold for 45 mins. No one picked up.. Crazy.. Simplisafe needs to rehaul their customer service. No way for me to reach to them.

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4 years ago

I'm having the same problem. Here's the text of an email I sent them just today. I will post if I get any reply or help-

I am getting the "Unable to reach Dispatch" error and my base station is blinking blue. I have followed the reboot directions many times, replaced the batteries and checked the power block voltage to the unit- all ok, It is in the same location as it has been for over 2 years. No new electronics have be added in the vicinity of the unit. I tried moving it to various locations in the house and rebooting in each spot, but still get the error. I'm beginning to believe the Cellular module has somehow failed. Please respond with any additional help as I am unprotected as of now and need this rectified as soon as possible.
Thank You
Wayne Gruen

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4 years ago

Call first thing in the mornings when they open (9am, ET), press #1 for sales, hopefully someone will answer quickly.

Wayne, don't rely on email, they're failing at that too, call them.
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