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Monday, May 4th, 2020 6:49 PM

Base station exit delay sound?

The keypad chimes/beeps during the exit delay. But it's way too quiet and hard to hear (volume at highest setting). Is there a way to make the base station chime during an exit delay too? I could've sworn it did this initially, but I might be mis-remembering.

I've looked in website and app settings. Nothing obvious.

The common scenario for us is someone opens a protected door/window while the house is in Home mode. If the bird is chirping or the kids are playing, it's difficult to hear the keypad beeping -- reminding us that the alarm is about to go off. The keypad is on the other side of the house, near the garage, where it makes sense, while the base station is in the living room, where it makes sense and would be heard loudest in an emergency.

I'm in a rush right now, so I didn't have time to search the forum to see if someone already answered this question.

I don't see why this shouldn't be possible. So, if it's not active, consider this a feature request. I mean, really. That keypad volume is way too quiet, even when you're right on top of it.


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4 years ago

Not the base station, but an extra siren can.  It's louder than the keypads.



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4 years ago

Yes an extra siren or you can do what i did and get another keypad for the other end of the house. I got one by the front door and one in master bedroom so we will always hear it beep, or so far we have.
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