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Friday, February 3rd, 2023 3:10 AM

Base station doesn't stay connected to wifi

I've been having this issue for 6+ months. I've had my SS for 3 years and everything worked fine back then. My base station won't stay connected to the wifi. I have to delete the wifi and add it again through the keypad. But then it only stays connected for 5ish minutes. This is a bug, I've seen many people with this issue and one commonality is that we all have Google nest wifi. This is a bug SS needs to figure out. The other day my alarm went off at 3am and I had to go across my house to the keypad to figure out what was going on, instead of being able to check the app from the safety of my bedroom. Very frustrating and I'm considering just switching to another alarm system.

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1 year ago

Enable the guest Wi-Fi network on your Google Fi set up and connect all of your Wi-Fi enabled SS devices to that network, not your primary network. I can't guarantee this will work but it's worked for me and quite a few others who use Google Fi. and had major issues connecting cameras or the base station to the main Google WiFi network. Please reply and let us know if making this change improves the situation with your base station.

Yes, I'm serious. :)

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