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Thursday, December 30th, 2021 2:55 PM

Base Station AND Keypad Now Not Working

Hello All;

    Several weeks ago I  described the inability of my Base Station to update. It was connected to my Wifi( I could see it connected on my router list of connected devices) but would not connect to the internet to allow a system update from SimpliSafe. I would get into an endless "can't update without Wifi connection, then connect to Wifi , can't update without WiFi connection" loop. I've had the system since July 2020 and I honestly don't think it has ever updated as I never knew it had to update.

   I was contacted via email and phone  by Eric from support who initially suggested a Wifi extender to split the Wifi into 2.4 and 5 Ghz networks so the Base station wouldn't be "confused" about which network to connect to. That didn't work so he suggested a new Base station.

   I received the new base station powered it up and contacted support in order to enter the serial number of the new station. This Base station also doesn't connect to the internet and now the Keypad doesn't see ANY Wifi networks; There are at least 8 networks that my phone sees that are nearby. We went through the usual power cycling drills etc. So now I have an essentially non-functional system. I've emailed Eric back and asked him to escalate this problem. I also emailed Douglas Woodard, who my wife found online as SimpliSafe's customer service satisfaction something or other.

   I get the feeling SimpliSafe has given up, or maybe no one is working during the Christmas holidays.

   I've also contacted Xfinity, my ISP, to see if any of my router settings would prevent the base station from connecting to the internet. Their answer was no.

   Incidently, ever other wireless device in the house works without any difficulties on the Wifi network, even my ancient iPad 2!

   Any help or ideas would be appreciated as I'm at the end of my rope with this problem.



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2 years ago

Few things:

Can you determine the actual manufacturer of the xfinity box (maybe flip it over) PACE, Arris, someone else.

If this box transmits on the same SSID for both bands can you temporarily disable the 5G band and run only 2.4 or enable a guest network on only 2.4G?

For some reason SS devices seem to be extra persnickety on initial connection, I've had to do this several times to connect bases, doorbell cameras etc...

Good luck.

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2 years ago

Hello krstrick;

    Thank you for addressing my questions.

I tried to fix this problem with the help of Eric(who is trying to help as best as he can).

He sent me a Wifi extender that allows me to separate  the wifi bands into 5 and 2.4Ghz bands.

This was setup successfully and the keypad/base station was able to see the new 2.4Ghz network, but I still got into the ""can't update without Wifi connection, then connect to Wifi , can't update without WiFi connection" loop. 

    Unfortunately, right now, the keypad doesn't see ANY Wifi networks, although every other wireless device I use sees the network in question and can connect to it and use it.

Other than taking the batteries out of the keypad, is there any other way to reset the keypad?

Thanks again.




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You can try to reboot the base station, which should in turn, work with the keypad.

Unplug ac adapter from base station, un-screw the little screw under that, open battery compartment, take out one battery, wait one moment, then re-insert battery, battery cover, screw and adapter, you should get a base station announcement "welcome..." or, an announcement that you're in test mode, in which you can exit test mode from the menu button on the keypad.  

If you want to try the keypad first, there's no way to update it except to 'refresh' in the devices settings either from your phone app or the online account control panel (dashboard) - but in the immediate sense, you can take out one battery from the keypad, wait a moment, re-insert it, and it should automatically connect to the base station.  That may not fix the wifi issue, though, it sounds like maybe tech support and you might have to "set up" from the beginning again to make sure no steps were missed.  Might also need to go into your router settings again and see if anything is out of order (i.e., 2.4 vs 5, or if the router has a firmware update notice, do the update, then try to reconnect the base station etc).

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2 years ago

Agree, reset the base by removing power and battery, then the keypad, the keypad should be close to the base as well.

Also, i'm sure eric mentioned it, but make sure the old base is powered down and batteries removed.

It is frustrating that when they replace a base because it won't update that it does not arrive with the latest firmware... 

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2 years ago

Thank you both for your help.


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