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Monday, March 15th, 2021 11:43 PM

Balloons and Motion Sensors

Alright, got a good answer about bird strikes and glass break sensors. How about balloons and motion sensors?

We have two kids under 10. Balloons are a part of daily life. It's Tuesday??  Hey time for some balloons!!  Mommy's birthday? Well we'll have at least one Mylar balloon up for the week before and three weeks after.

I read that the mylar balloons reflect heat in a way that sets off the motion sensors. Is that pretty much true?

How about your standard lung filled rubber balloons rolling about on the floor, maybe occasionally moved by a stray breeze from either the AC or ceiling fan?

Lastly, I'll sneak this in. How about a humidifier?



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3 years ago

@Jonny Gogo while I can't offer any advice on balloons (I would think they are not an issue as they don't give off heat) I can tell you from experience humidifiers have not been issue.  Windows directly facing the sun, my daughter's two cats and my son's dog (at least initially)  were, and throw in heating/cooling ducts for good measure.  All of these have been addressed and my system with 11 motion sensors do not cause false alarms.  

Good placement and fine tuning of the sensitivity switch setting are all part of the process...and making good use of secret alerts. Have more questions? Call SS support and ask questions, and use a google site search to explore and learn in the forums.
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