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Sunday, November 6th, 2022 7:10 AM

Bad batteries

I just bought my SimpliSafe system from Best Buy about 2 weeks ago. I just moved into a new house a few days ago and set up the system. The base station has been plugged into power the entire time except for a couple of minutes here and there when I moved it to a different spot. It keeps complaining that it needs the batteries replaced. It's BRAND NEW! While The voice tells me every hour that it needs batteries, the app doesn't tell me anything. When I go into the app and check the status of the system it says everything is fine. What the hell? Should I return this to Best Buy?!

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2 years ago

Hi @dbaxfan,


Is that the exact wording of the voice prompt?

If it's the Base Station's battery that needs to be replaced, you would hear:

Base Station backup battery is low. Please restore power to recharge.

It's very important to note that the Base Station's backup batteries are rechargeable, so you should not need to replace them, at least for a very long time.


But you might be hearing that your Keypad's batteries are low, and those do need to be replaced. If you're getting a low battery so soon after just setting up, our Support team would be happy to help with replacements.


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