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Monday, March 20th, 2023 1:33 PM

App won’t connect to the base for me

App won’t connect to the base for me either. Keypad and base connect fine. Both my iPhone and iPad are using Wi-Fi. I’ve installed, uninstalled and reinstalled on my iPhone and am still having issues: it fails at the PIN and keeps telling me to put in the PIN, which is on the base station as both master and user PIN, and I can get into the Base Station using the PIN.

Update, now in the process of trying to reset things I have lost the WiFi on the keypad and it cannot find it, even though everything else see it, and won't accept the login by hand.

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1 year ago

@michaeljamesmichaelmurphy​ at that stage of your setup, the app is trying to connect to your Base Station through the Base Station's WiFi. So if you're having trouble, make sure that the Base Station is still connected to WiFi. You can check by going to your Keypad and navigating to: Menu > System Settings > WiFi.

If the Base Station is already connected to WiFi, then there might be something blocking the connection. We might need to do further troubleshooting then.

1 year ago

I have lost the WiFi on the keypad and it cannot find it, even though everything else see it, and won't accept the wireless data entry when entered by keyboard.  "No Networks Found"...when sitting next to the router.

The Keypad is finding the two smoke detectors in the house, with one just added the other day, and it is listing itself on the Devices list on the keypad menu.

Keypad Serial # 0164e9f3

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@michaeljamesmichaelmurphy​ the components of your system (sensors, etc.) connect to the Base Station via local radio, and not WiFi. So that's a little bit of a red herring for our WiFi issue here.

So, if I have this right, you've gone to your Keypad Menu > System Settings > WiFi, and after going through that menu, your Keypad can't seem to find the WiFi network in your home. Do you know if your WiFi is broadcasting at 2.4GHz?

It might help to power cycle the Base Station:

  1. Remove the power plug from your Base Station. That will expose a screw.
  2. Using a Philips head screwdriver, unscrew that screw.
  3. Twist the whole bottom panel counter-clockwise to reveal the batteries.
  4. Take out just one of the batteries.
  5. Wait 3 minutes with your Base Station fully powered down.
  6. Without putting the battery back in, plug in your Base Station.
  7. Wait for it to boot up.
  8. Take the power plug out again, put the battery back in, and put your Base Station back together.

After all of the above, return to your Keypad, and go through the WiFi connection menu again.

2.4GHz confirmed on all other wireless devices at this location.

Batteries confirmed as adequately and now fully charged.

Eight steps above completed. 

At Step 7, confirmed presence of Smoke Alarms on Keypad Device List

After Step 8, I heard, "Warning, Base Station operating on Backup Batteries" and then plugged Base Station in.

After plugging Base Station in, confirmed presence of Smoke Alarms on Keypad Device List.  And Keypad itself shows as Keypad 0164e9f3.

Entered System Settings/WiFi and... "No Networks Found".

Attempted the Check for Updates path and got the same result.

To be clear: the keypad used to see and connect to the same wireless router/password, but lost that connection at some point recently, probably when I was trying pretty much everything to reset the system.  Whereas I have never been able to Setup the System on my iPhone.  But the Simplisafe app does work where the cameras show up (the cameras are all working though some have issues maintaining their connection).

And 14 minutes later the Base Station announces, "Alarm Off". 


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Hi @michaeljamesmichaelmurphy, 

Since you do have a 2.4GHz network and power cycling your Base Station didn't help, I'd recommend contacting Customer Service, as replacing your Base Station may be the next step.

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11 months ago


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@vaintrublinda​ thanks for checking in. Would you mind letting us know what troubleshooting you've already tried? Especially if you've tried the steps we outline above, and if you're encountering error messages that might point us to what the problem is.

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