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Wednesday, December 2nd, 2020 3:24 PM

Annoucements gone with last software update, bug?

Last night (12-1-2020) I applied an update that the keypad had notified me was ready to be applied.  Immediately after the update I armed the system and home mode and now I no longer get the annoucements for any issues like an open door or a sensor not working.  I liked having these annoucements from the base station when I arm the system telling me if there's a door open, etc.  

There doesn't appear to be a setting to turn this back on.

Anybody know if the is a bug or intended?



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4 years ago

@ssafe_user  no update for my system and not aware of what the one you have should or should not do. Of course (sorry, the following is for Simplisafe......

This is going to generate a lot of needless phone calls into support, whereas if there was a Customer Support Center (CRC) a registered customer could go to the software update area, look for his or her version # and get all of the information they need.

Sigh, going on 9 years, SS, let's get to it!

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I was looking for that too.  Some kind of release notes that would have list of things addressed and known issues.  Not sure I want to take anymore blind updates.  I called they just said that my station will be sunset soon due to the cellular not being 4g.  They are going to send another base station... but I find it hard to believe it's related.  As soon as I did the update, it was done and then I pressed home to set the system it immediately started.  Hate spending time out of my day on things like this.  I

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4 years ago

Was your keypad(s) working directly after the update?  There are numerous reports that the updates are so large that the keypads occasionally get bricked (die) - when this happens, take out one battery, wait several minutes, re-insert battery and the keypad should be live again (another way is taking out 3 batteries, waiting several minutes, then re-inserting them, sometimes it can take up to 20 min after re-inserting batteries for the keypad to come back to life).  You might want to try this anyway, in case there was only a little battery energy left after the update, but not enough to power the keypad fully.

If that doesn't work, call SS for troubleshooting.  No, it is not intended for an update to cause lack of sound/announcements.  You could check your settings for the base station volume, put system into test mode, test a sensor or two, then take out of test mode, see what happens.  All else, call SS.

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4 years ago

SS rarely if ever, posts release notes (they've only posted about 3 worthy info bits, in 2 years) - it's usually the customers who find bugs and report them, or users here on the forum have to figure out how to deal with some of the glitches.

Again, for now, try the tips above, take out 3 batteries from the keypad, let it rest for about 20 minutes.  Then re-insert them.  Then arm the system, see if it announces when you arm the system.

And yes, a ton of users have had glitches because they do need an upgraded base station module (or a new base station AND upgraded module), which in a majority of cases, does seem to fix a lot of issues.  Unfortunately, SS hasn't been forthcoming in notifying users about this.

One last trick you could try....if you have interactive monitoring, go online to your dashboard, and in your settings, check your base station volume, and in the alerts section, check your alerts.  You can always disable something, click "save changes" at the bottom of the page, then go back and change it back to what you had prior, click "save changes" at the bottom of the page again - this snychronizes your changes to your base station, and if at any time it doesn't fix an issue such as yours, then you know something else is up in which to call SS for help.

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4 years ago

Ok.  Got it fixed.  Here's what I did.

1st.  Thanks for the suggestion on the batteries with the keypad because when I did that I noticed one keypad had some corrosion starting on them... odd as they were Duracell's.  So I replaced them.  But this didn't fix the issue.

So I tested another door and they system announced the other door as being open when I armed the system.  So I removed the door sensor in question from the system and re-added it.  It started working.

I had an issue with a motion sensor too in that it needed a battery (for quite a while) and after I ran the update I replaced the battery in it but it would talked to the system without me removing it and readding to the system again.

Maybe morale of the story.  If you had a sensor "tripped" or "tripped" for a period of time and then did the update, you may need to remove that sensor and readd it to the system to get it fully working.  The odd thing with the door sensor is that it wouldn't announce the door was open when i armed the system but if i closed the door, armed and then opened the door it would trip the system.  I would think it would have been an all or nothing but doesn't seem to be the case.

The other thing I've noticed is that my base station in the armed status now glows the base a green color rather than the teal blue it used to be.

Hope this helps someone.  Thanks all.
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