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Monday, March 22nd, 2021 9:20 PM

Alerts when in home mode

At night we put the system in 'home' mode... for us this means we have all the door and windows sensors on but also a couple of the movement sensors in the kitchen and dining room on too. We do this because we only have one door sensor on that bit of the house and quite a few windows that could be an entry point for someone just to smash their way in. (This happens quite a bit where we live.) Anyway what is happening is that one of the family comes downstairs in the morning but just forgets the house is alarmed... walks into the kitchen to make a brew and - bam! - off goes the alarm. You would think we would remember but there are five of us and we appear to be equally bad at remembering this.

What would really help us would be if there was a way that the sensor we have on the stairs (which in home mode is off) making some sort of bleepy noise or something when we come downstairs to would remind us that we have an alarmed house.

I have had similar functions on far older alarm systems in the past... these were things like a pressure pad under the carpet on a couple of stair treads etc, basically so you got that little audio reminder to turn the alarm off!

I have gone through this system but can't find a way of sorting this.

Any tips?



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3 years ago

@bmccormack sure. Put the sensor on silent alert, enable push alerts on your phone app and it will send you a push notice it was tripped. (and make a noise on your phone)  But I do have to ask, you forget to disarm? You do it once or twice and I would think everyone would remember and remind everyone. :-)

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Thanks... that's something I will try. You would think we would learn, but after some time we do all seem to forget from time to time, and I was just surprised there wasn't any way of getting the system to make a sound (rather than just a buzz to one person's phone) that wasn't simply a full-on alarm. The system makes all sorts of other bleeps and noises all the time but just not when my forgetful family really needs it!

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3 years ago

Is the motion sensor set to instant trigger? If so, that could be turned off and at least you'd get the entry delay countdown beeps as a reminder from keypad (and or siren).

Perhaps a second keypad by the stairs and set that motion sensor active so you get the countdown timer and a keypad right there to disarm.

Compromises, yes, in one way or another, but no direct function as you are looking for.
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