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Wednesday, September 18th, 2019 6:01 AM

Alarm won't SHUT OFF

Our alarm went off at 1am, scaring the socks off my husband and I ... thankfully he is a police officer and reacted quickly... to nothing. He checked the house and I was on the line with dispatch... they said it was triggered by a panic button... but we don't have one other than the one on the top of the keypad... and no one pressed that. So we entered in our code, it turned off for 2 seconds and started back up again.... and again and again. Dispatch said they can't help us and tech support is closed... I unplugged the home base but of course it has a back up battery. Even unplugged the WiFi.. finally I disconnected all the sensors and the keypad it stopped... so anyone else have this issue? Is someone messing with me or do I have ghosts?



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5 years ago

@vkorpisz, first, glad there was no actual threat, and thank your husband for his service as a first responder.

The events you describe are odd to say the least. In the future, if this was to occrur unplugging the base and removing the batteries will prevent any further alarms or siren.

This is has not happened to us before and is something requires investigation, quickly, by someone at SS that is very familiar (that reads technical) about the system. Hold times are long so you may be best served contacting support via online chat in the new customer support center, or call.

Please post your outcome here.

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5 years ago

vkorpisz, if you feel like doing any troubleshooting before getting SS involved, it sounds like the keypad panic button is malfunctioning. From the keypad, put it in test mode, or just plug the base back in and COPS may call you back if the alarm blares again.

From the keypad, see if the panic button is sticking. Also from the keypad (or app if you have interactive monitoring), you can totally disable the panic button to get the system operational until you get this resolved.

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2 years ago

I have the same issue.  Resolution ?

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@johnl5089​ the issue might be a hardware malfunction with the Keypad's Panic Button. If you haven't already, we strongly suggest giving our Support team a call so we can get you a replacement Keypad.

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