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Saturday, May 1st, 2021 12:10 AM

Advice NOT working

I am getting message of no connection with dispatcher (paraphrased). I rebooted the main station as instructed on Simplisafe website), but that didn't fix it. I tried calling, but no one answered for a long time (15 minutes on hold). THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE for a service like Security!!! I am leaving town in the morning FOR FIVE MONTHS and my system will not be working. That is BAD and very frustrating!!! If anyone can tell me what to do and do so in the next hour (it is 4-30-21 at 8:10pm edt), please email me at generalp2@aol.com.

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3 years ago

Hi generalp2,

Sorry to hear about your experience. Yes, the "No Link to Dispatch" message means that your Base Station has lost connection with monitoring through the built-in cell connection - and assuming you have the Gen 3 system, the WiFi would have been disconnected as well. So we'd need to troubleshoot both.

The troubleshooting you mention above, involving the Base Station Reset, forces the unit to reboot and look for a fresh connection. But it won't be able to reconnect if there's nothing to connect to. For example, if the cell network has changed in your area - or similarly, if your Base Station has not yet been upgraded to 4G.

Looking at our call records on your account, I do see that you were able to get hold of one of our reps. So hopefully we got the troubleshooting taken care of for you!

- Johnny M.
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