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Sunday, October 18th, 2020 5:25 PM

Add a speaker to the base station?

I have just left ADT and installed a Simplisafe system and the difference is fantastic.  I have hidden the base unit in the house and love the part where it speaks to tell you when the alarm is set etc.

What I would love to know is, can you sync it to a Bluetooth speaker, say an Alexa or can you get a separate Bluetooth speaker for the base unit so I can hear the commands in a different part the house?

I intend to max this system out and expand it fully.

many thanks



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4 years ago

As of right now, there is no official way to do it, however, if you use a google site search, some customers have a hacked solution. For my SS3 system, as it was with my SS2 system, I have it configured to no lights, no prompts, no noise, period.  The delay for home is set to 0 and for away, I called and cranked entry down to 20 seconds. Add that the base is quiet, very unlikely an intruder would find it before sending a signal to monitoring company.
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