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Saturday, January 22nd, 2022 6:05 PM

3rd gen system communication interference

I have a 3rd gen system installed which is running well.  I recently installed a Vtech dect cordless phone system.  Intermittently it hangs up  saying communication error after 30 to 60 minutes on a call.  I have troubleshoot with Vtech with no success.  I am unable to find technical spec for Simplisafe to determine if the inter device communications are coincident with my phone system frequencies.  I realize this is a long shot but I would love to get to the root cause of my problem.  Anyone have any suggestions, details or comments.  Thanks.

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2 years ago

Update...found information that Simplisafe uses 433 mhz and dect uses 1.2 ghz so it appears there would be no conflict...oh well...things that go bump in the night.

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Hi rj31234,


So from what you've mentioned, you're getting communication errors on your cordless phone, but your SimpliSafe system is unaffected.


You're right, since our system uses a much lower frequency, it's unlikely to be the cause (unless you have the Base Station and your phone right next to each other, maybe).


But you're on the right track with looking for other wireless sources of interference, that use the same or similar frequency. Maybe your previous cordless phone? Or it might actually be physical interference, if you have any dense walls etc. in the way.


Best of luck in getting this figured out!

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Hello, we just installed a simplisafe system and after a couple days we started having issues with our Vtech handsets as well. Phone calls work just fine but the ability to intercom and page between handsets failed. Also the names of the handsets we created were not coming up when trying to intercom as well. Example, handset name test, not back to original name of handset. Removed battery from base station and names returned and intercom and page worked again. Understand they are on different frequencies but seems odd that you have two people with the same phone systems having issues.

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Just to update the original problem: VTECH replaced the cordless phone system and the problem remained. After a frustrating period of trial and error the root cause of the problem turned out to be a television remote control.  When we sat on the couch and used speakerphone we used the TV remote control under the phone to prop it up so the phone speaker wasn't muffled.  Once we stopped using the TV remote the problem went away.  Using the remote control reintroduced the problem.  Problem solved....

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