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Saturday, January 4th, 2020 5:14 PM

3G shutdown

It recently came to my attention that the U.S. cellular carriers that Simplisafe uses for monitoring device status are all planning to shutdown 3G service within the next year or two.  Verizon in particular, which my device uses, has already begun the process.  

Does Simplisafe have an LTE upgrade of the communication board yet to address this issue?

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5 years ago

Knowing them probably not, if it isn't new sales then they dont care about nothing.

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5 years ago

A few months ago, I called and asked a supervisor if they had available for SS2 users, the new SIM card/module (SS3 versions are already compatible).  He stated that they were available - when I asked if they were going to notify all their SS2 users, he didn't say anything - I mentioned that it didn't seem fair that a huge number of people are not aware of new SIM card requirements, and that's a ton of people to notify, or to simply send the modules to their list of customers (of course that would be a major undertaking because they most likely didn't prepare in advance, and so far, users have to call and request them).  They can't even bother to post a notice on their main webpage and here on the forums, people have already had issues with no connection (and no new SIM), as well as getting new compatible SIM/modules but SS not having activated them, so, no connection until they have to call and wait hours on hold only to have their call dropped.

Simplisafe, you need to do better.  It's simple, really.  DO BETTER!
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