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Sunday, March 27th, 2022 7:28 PM

3G Phase out

Will 3G shutdown effect monitoring?

SimpliSafe is dedicated to providing our customers with expert-level protection, and this includes ensuring 24/7 access to our professional monitoring centers via a strong cellular connection. For more info on our efforts to address 2G/3G Sunset, including obtaining and installing a new cellular module, check out our Help Center Article here.

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2 years ago

Hi folks,

I can confidently say that basically no SimpliSafe system connects through 3G. And if you purchased your system after December 2019, your system will already be set up with 4G.

But if your system is older that that, and if you haven't done the upgrade already, we can send an upgraded module to you. You can find more details on this page.

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2 years ago

@homephone Yes it will if you have a 3G comboard, unless you have a 4G board in your base. To be sure, I would call SS support to confirm.  By now you should have been contacted by SS for a swap out if you were effected.  

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