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Saturday, February 29th, 2020 7:50 PM

2 keypads

Good day all. I ordered the SimpliSafe Knox setup + an additional keypad, 7 entry sensors, 5 water sensors, 1 glass break sensor, and 1 carbon monoxide detector.

If I set all of my sensors up on 1 keypad, would I need to go through the setup process again for the second keypad?

Thank you for your time

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4 years ago

Nope. Just one keypad for setup. Either one.

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Thank you :)



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4 years ago

Just make sure you "pair" the second keypad to the base station, just like you will with your original keypad and other sensors - in other words, just treat it like another sensor you would add to your system.

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Thank you

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4 years ago

Everything will likely already be linked together, if purchased in the same order, so you'll only need to setup the base station and then remove the battery tab for everything else.
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