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Thursday, September 14th, 2023 2:18 PM

Wireless outdoor camera does not use outlet

I have a wireless outdoor camera that has a battery, but is also plugged in.  All equipment is brand new. The outlet works. The brick works. All connections are secure. However, the camera will only run on battery. I have three other cameras--2 outdoor, 1 indoor--that all run from the outlet. The problem camera has been removed and reinstalled. Nothing works; it still only runs from battery. Anyone have any ideas?

Update to add: Tried to install camera without battery (as battery needed to charge!) and would not install. No light...indicating no power, even though the outlet has power.

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9 months ago

Hi @rowan25a, 

Which device do you have your Outdoor Camera plugged into - our Solar Panel or Power Cable? If you have a Solar Panel, I would recommend taking a look at the troubleshooting guide in this Help Center article

If you do not have a Solar Panel, or you do and the troubleshooting steps didn't help, we may need to replace this Outdoor Camera's battery, or the camera all together. Our Support team will be able to help you with that.

Also, please note that the Outdoor Camera does require a battery to operate, even if the camera is plugged into the Solar Panel or Power Cable. These devices work to keep the camera's battery charged so you don't need to take it offline to charge its battery.

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It is a power cable. And yes, I realize that the power cable is supposed to be charging the battery. Clearly, it isn't, so my attempt to install the camera while the battery charges separately was a last ditch effort. I had already tried everything else I could think of.

Thank you, I should probably contact the support team.

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