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Wireless Outdoor Camera Solar Panel Accessory



With the Outdoor Camera Solar Panel, you can power your Wireless Outdoor Camera without the need to separately recharge or replace the battery—like a traditional wired outdoor security camera, while retaining install-anywhere convenience. With just 3 hours of direct sunlight per day, the water-resistant Solar Panel keeps your Outdoor Camera charged at all times.

Thanks to its 13 foot power cord, the Solar Panel doesn’t need to be installed in the same place as your camera. Simply run the cable to the Outdoor Camera and use the included cable management velcro sleeve to neatly tuck unused cable behind the solar panel.

Set Up and Installation

  1. Find a location

    • The Solar Panel should be placed in a location with access to at least three hours of direct sunlight a day. The omnidirectional mount can also help position the panel in any direction that is required: up/down, left/right.

  2. Mount the solar panel

    • For brick/stucco/concrete/stone surfaces:

      • Use a 1/4" masonry drill bit to drill two holes into the surface.

      • Use the anchors and included screws to attach the Solar Panel to the wall.

    • For wood surfaces:

      • Screw the self-tapping screws directly into the wall with a handheld screwdriver.

      • Wood surfaces do not require drilled holes.

  3. Using the omnidirectional mount, ensure the Solar Panel is aimed toward the direction that will give it the most access to sunlight

  4. Secure excess power cord length

    • Wrap any additional cord around the base of the solar panel. Secure it in place using the wire management velcro strap to ensure the cord will not get tangled or caught by inclement weather or small animals.



  1. Make sure to charge your Outdoor Camera for at least five hours before its first use—the Solar charger is meant to maintain the power of a charged battery, not charge it up from an already low power

    • To charge the battery, remove it from the camera and connect it to a power source using the power cable included with your camera

  2. Double check that the camera's battery has been inserted properly—the Solar Panel will not work if there is no battery inside the camera

  3. Secure the connection between the Solar Panel's power cord and Camera by unplugging and reinserting both ends of the cable—the end connected to the Solar Panel and the end connected to the camera

  4. Ensure the Solar Panel is pointed towards the sun and is getting direct sunlight

    • Make sure that the panel is not blocked by buildings, trees, debris, and or other structures that might put it in shadow

    • Make sure the solar panel is clean/not obscured by dust or dirt

  5. The solar panel is designed to charge the camera battery between temperatures ranging 32°F to 120°F. The Solar Panel will not try to charge the battery outside of that temperature range.

Once the Solar Panel is exposed to sufficient sunlight and connected to the port in the back of the camera, you can make sure it is working by checking the Outdoor Camera's settings page in the SimpliSafe mobile app. The page will show that the battery is currently being charged.

The Camera Settings screen of the SimpliSafe App showing the battery charging due to being plugged into the Solar Panel.

*The Outdoor Camera battery is only compatible with a SimpliSafe Outdoor Camera Solar Panel, not with any third-party solar panel devices.