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Sunday, October 1st, 2023 5:09 PM

Video doorbell can't notify multiple phones?

I recently installed a SimpliSafe video doorbell. It's working with my phone, but we can't figure out how to get doorbell notifications to my wife's phone.

She's logged in to my account, but the notification screen settings page is grayed out for her. (The fact that SimpliSafe doesn't support multiple people on one system is an issue for another day.) We've called SimpliSafe customer service, and they're not sure how to help her, or even if sending notifications to multiple phones is supported.

Is that possible? It seems like a pretty major system usability flaw?


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9 months ago

Hi @TEM, 

Any device that is logged in to your SimpliSafe account should receive push notifications about your system. Does your wife receive push notifications for any of your other devices? Or does she not receive any notifications from SimpliSafe at all?

To get push notifications from the SimpliSafe mobile app, you need to turn them on and allow the app to send notifications in your phone's settings. I would check to make sure that push notifications are turned on and that your wife's phone allows the SimpliSafe mobile app to send notifications. We list out the steps to do so in this Help Center article.


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9 months ago

It works on my phone, wife's phone and my sons phone so make sure your phone settings allow notifications for the simplisafe app 

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