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Friday, December 24th, 2021 2:48 AM

Unable to install an outdoor camera asking for a software update?


I purchased an outdoor security camera but when I go to install the camera it says I need a Software update but the keypad, says it is up to date. However, the keypad has said the software was up to date when I first installed it in July I think. And I do only just found up that you don't update the alarm automatically you send a firmware update to the keypad then the customer installs the software. However, I have never seen a message in the 5 months to this has been installed to say it needs updating. I was thinking of doing a factory reset to force a firmware update. There was a firmware update on Dec 2 there should have been a Cog on the left side of the keypad to advise there is a forward update I've never received an update which I assumed was up to date but this isn't the case so how does one force an update without a Factory Reset.

Any help would be appreciated

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2 years ago

It sounds like your keypad/base station don't have internet access. I had the same issue recently when installing the outdoor camera. I had to go through the process of reconnecting my system to the internet. One of the key things was to have the keypad and mobile device near the base station while I was doing this. Once I had internet access setup (you can check this through the Keypad) I had to wait until the next day for the update (cog symbol) to appear. Once I had that the camera setup went vary smoothly.

I did find that I had to set the camera to 720p in order to keep the wifi connection stable because the camera is more than 15 ft from my router. I'm loving the outdoor camera, so enjoy

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@dragginlord It all sorted it has Internet access it has done since I installed it in July it has never updated. The keypad has a valid IP Address and an MAC Address. This is an issue which I discovered after doing some research as an IT Engineer it bugged me that it wouldn't update and I discovered that on Reddit, Facebook, Twitter and community forums (not this one) there have been a lot of people who have experienced problems with updating and had to force and update by resetting the system back to factory settings.

For me as an IT Engineer there is no reason why an Option cannot be added to the keypad in the event that the update does not work there should be an option to force an update. even a novice with networks knows if their alarm system is connected to the internet to be honest, no offence by the way. The first thing to do which a lot of people always overlook is they don't Turn off and Turn on again. I reset the base to the factory setting by unplugging the power cord and then remove the battery for 3 minutes then this resets the base back to factory settings on the second time it seamed to work the first time there was no cog. However, this time when I reset it again the following day there was a cog and I have successfully updated the entire system. the outdoor camera is pared I haven't put it up yet because it hasn't stopped raining and it could be the wettest Christmas on record.

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Also the app should say there is an update available for your alarm system.

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2 years ago


Yes, if there's an update available, your app should say so. And you'll also see a gear icon on the Keypad. When you go into the Keypad Menu and select Check for Update, that pulls whatever the latest version is, if you don't have it already.

The most recent version of the Base Station firmware is 2.5.2. Is your Base Station already on that? If so, then you're already up-to-date, and the app shouldn't be asking for it.

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2 years ago

Hii, I am supporting daved_d answer . First you have to update your software  If its not working then you can again raise a question we will answer it.

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2 years ago

Software is updated, but it keeps prompting to update it anyway.

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2 years ago

Apparently this problem still exists, though MAYBE in older Simplisafe 3 systems.

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