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Thursday, April 4th, 2024 9:29 PM

Transfer from USB charging to door

The camera and the chime for the doorbell is working fine when charged with USB. Though whenever I try to transfer it to the door, it disconnects and doesn't reconnect the camera. Please advise...

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2 months ago

Hi @aljapurvishnu, 

When you connect the Video Doorbell to its mounting bracket on your door, does it disconnect from Wi-Fi or does it fail to power on? 

If the Video Doorbell is not powering on when you move it, I would check to ensure that your setup coincides with the device's requirements. The Video Doorbell requires:

  • Existing doorbell wiring
  • A mechanical chime - the Video Doorbell is not compatible with digital chimes
  • A transformer with 8-24VAC, 10-30VA

If your setup does not align with these requirements, that could be the root cause.

However, if your setup does follow these requirements, another culprit may be that the Video Doorbell's mounting plate doesn't have proper contact with the gold pins on the doorbell, which would cause the Video Doorbell to get insufficient power. In that case, make sure that the mounting plate isn't screwed on too tight or bending. 

But if the issue here is that the Video Doorbell disconnects from Wi-Fi once its moved to your door, I would suggest using our in-app Connection Check tool to troubleshoot its connectivity. This guide in our Help Center will take you through the steps to use the Connection Check tool and provides insight to what your results mean.

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