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Thursday, February 17th, 2022 1:59 PM

Too many push notifications from the camera


I have a SimpliSafe indoor camera. Every time, I arm or disarm the system, the camera turns on and sends push notifications to my phone. Since it happens multiple times a day, I just ignore those push notifications. But this defies the purpose of notifications, because I can miss important notifications from the camera (like if something serious happens).

Is there a way to turn off the camera notifications during the time when I'm arming or disarming the system, but still have them on when I'm away from home?

If I turn off the motion detector on the camera, would the camera still activate in the case of alarm? 

I wonder if someone has similar problems.

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2 years ago

Hi aleksmath,

It sounds like what you're talking about is the Push Notification from your security system. It just so happens that your cameras will record for disarms as well, and they're attached to your system notifications if available.

For arms/disarms specifically, you're looking to disable the "Activity" category, through the app under Menu > Settings > Alerts & Notifications > Push Notifications.

You'll still get notifications when there are actual alarms, AND if your cameras detect motion.

As for that second question - yes, if you disable camera notifications (under Camera Settings > your camera > Motion Detection), that setting doesn't affect the main alarm system and you'll still get notifications for actual alarms. But you won't get alerts from the camera if there is no alarm (e.g. if an intruder gets into the home through a window with no Entry Sensor, or if they walk past your Outdoor Camera outside).

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11 months ago

Kind of defeats the purpose to do it this way.  We never had a problem with this until yesterday.  Someone needs to fix this.  If not, we will be looking for a different system.  Push notifications are not working either.

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@wh3611​ do you have an Indoor Camera like the original poster? I'm not quite sure I understand, as the original post is about having too many Push Notifications, but you mention that you haven't been receiving them.

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10 months ago

Similar issue here. About 3 weeks ago, once it got dark, we get multiple video doorbell motion detection alerts on my wife's and my phones. It's picking up traffic going by our house (I stood outside and watched it go off a few times), yet we've always had this same exact traffic and never had this issue, again, until ~3 weeks ago. I've tried resetting the doorbell, added the angle mounting plate to point it further down, but it's still happening, and again, nothing has changed on our side - so it has to be on Simplisafe's side. Turning off notifications defeats the security purpose we installed i for, so please don't suggest that as a fix. Or to reset it - again, tried it all.

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Hi @bionicjimmy,


Please check out this article for tips on receiving too many motion notifications from your camera. 

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4 months ago

Similar situation.  Every time I open the app to check my push notifications, it triggers a camera motion detected push notification.  This started several weeks ago.  I’m in a perpetual push notification spiral.

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