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Saturday, August 13th, 2022 1:56 AM

Please stop doorbell camera from sending me notifications every time we go out the door.

How do I turn off notifications for camera motion sensing?

I want the camera to record when it senses motion, and record in the timeline.
I also want notifications if the alarm actually goes off (entry sensors, etc).

But this new outdoor camera just triggers from absolutely nothing all the time, and my phone becomes unusable.

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2 years ago

Hi @PaulStephan ,

I'm not quite sure what you're asking here. The Video Doorbell will definitely trigger when you leave your home, because that counts as motion.

But if you're getting too many triggers, reducing them would depend on what mode you have your Video Doorbell in.

If Motion is set to People Only, then in the daytime, the camera will analyze the image to determine if there's a person-shaped object moving around. So it may sometimes trigger for things that aren't human, like flags waving around, etc.

If Motion is set to All Motion, or if it's during the night when it's too dark to analyze the image, the camera uses a standard motion sensor - like the ones you might have indoors. That means it triggers from anything that generates heat, and is moving around within view. So you'll need to look for anything that generates heat, and try to move it out of view.

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I cannot find where you can control the Motion.  

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@weakley1​ In the SimpliSafe mobile app, if you navigate to the three bar menu icon in the top left corner > My System > Camera Settings > select [your Video Doorbell] > Motion Detection you will be able to edit your Video Doorbell's motion settings. You can learn more about customizing your doorbell's settings in this Help Center article.

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