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Video Doorbell Pro Settings & Customizations


The Video Doorbell Pro comes with the ability to designate motion zones within the camera’s view. By default, the camera triggers motion alerts for anything within its 162-degree field of view. If your Video Doorbell Pro is set to People Only motion detection, you can set specific areas of the camera’s view to ignore motion, allowing you to receive alerts for motion only in areas that you care about. If your Video Doorbell Pro is set to All Motion, or it is in Night Vision, the Video Doorbell Pro will not ignore any motion.

​For example, you can set your Video Doorbell Pro to ignore pedestrians walking on the sidewalk and only be notified of people approaching the door. Setting the motion zone to exclude the sidewalk, street, and public areas can make your motion notifications more reliable. The motion sensor within the camera has a motion detection zone of 90 degrees, from left to right as well as straight out and downward. This cannot be changed.

​When motion is detected, the Video Doorbell Pro will issue a notification to alert you. If you have a recording subscription or a Fast Protect™ Monitoring Plan (formerly Interactive Monitoring), Video Doorbell Pro will also record the event. If you do not have a subscription, you will be shown a live stream view from the Video Doorbell Pro.