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Wednesday, January 5th, 2022 12:50 AM

Outdoor cameras - motion detection delayed

Hello everyone,

I installed two outdoor cameras and set the sensor sensitivity to high. I get so many alerts (as the zoning seems still not working) but the start of the recordings seem to be delayed 2-3 sec. For example, I had a delivery guy bringing a package to my porch ~20ft from the road and the camera caught only the delivery guy leaving the porch.

Anyone any ideas what can be wrong?

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2 months ago

I still find it inconceivable that SS started selling these cameras without adequate testing.  Or, they tested them and decided to sell them anyway, because...money.   How many of us have called to complain only to be told that it must be something with our setup, or signal strength, or we just don't understand how the system works?

Wondering if this meets the requirements of a class-action suit?

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@stevec101814​ A lot of people were expecting a lot more of the cameras than perhaps the original intent was.  That said, at a minimum, they should have been able to record motion consistently, based on sensitivity settings and last at least a month or 2 on a charge at average sensitivity settings.

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