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Wed, Jan 5, 2022 8:46 PM

Outdoor camera slow - will Power Adapter disable Deep Sleep?

My outdoor camera detects motion but it is so slow waking up (for battery conservation) that I only see the person walking away with their back to me.  If I buy the cable to keep the camera powered up all of the time will my sensitivity increase (camera doesn't need to wake up for recording)?

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11 months ago

Hi fredmcbride,

Unfortunately no, using the charging cable will not change the Outdoor Camera's deep sleep behavior.

However, better response time is one of the top priorities for Outdoor Camera development. We'll let you know when the next update is on the way.

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Ok.  Thanks.  Hurry up the new programming.  I want to see who's coming, not who's going.  Also, why isn't the camera awake full time when it is plugged in versus on battery.



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Also, why isn't the camera awake full time when it is plugged in versus on battery.

This is the functionality I want as well. (And I know we're not the only ones.) If I have a camera and it's plugged into AC, I want to be able to pull it up in a browser or app and watch real time video, 24/7, for as long as I want to.

Please add this to your list, SimpliSafe.

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@davey_d​ 3 months later and still trash wake time... Doesn't sound like it's a top priority... smh

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9 months later and same issues. Mine are going back in the box this weekend. The more I read about this issue the more I wish I had known this prior to purchase! Useless at night which is when I needed the most.

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7 months ago

I still can't get mine to connect to wifi. I have subscription with gen 3 and 2 indoor cameras.  Out door won't connect for setup 3 feet from router. And yes it is 2.4ghz with good signal. 

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4 months ago

I also want this functionality

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4 months ago

Agreed!  I just installed mine last week and... since the camera takes 20-30 seconds to wakeup, door-knockers just leave.  With this delay, what's the point of having a microphone if they person isn't there to hear me speak?  For this fairly-expensive camera, how did this not get tested in QA before sold? :(

And I'm with @fredmcbride.  The camera must wakup to take a recording so... wakeup the network communication as well.

Screw the battery life! 

I've got a 2nd battery ready to go.  And I'll hard-wire for power if needed.

Just get it fixed!

2 months ago

Just bought a new Gen 3 system with the security cameras.  The Wake-up is an issue as it takes time.  When I am at home and have to wait for 10-30 seconds to see who is at the door this fails to meet any standard as a security camera.   IN fact, it is difficult for me to see how this keeps one safe - and should not be sold as a "security camera".   With the Old/Gen1 system I just placed their indoor cameras on my covered porches - and they worked great (as I had power).  These are disappointing - and misleading as being sold as a security camera.  Has anyone else raised this marketing as an issue?

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1 month ago

NO, you're lucky to see what you do. Both of my cameras wont record until the person is long gone, and they're hooked up to a power source. SimpliSafe outside cameras are worthless. Tech support won't help either.

18 days ago

Bumping this, ridiculous that it’s takes me 40 seconds to view my security cameras.

17 days ago

#@davey_d  - can you respond to this comment?  How are these sold as Security cameras when the camera does not wake up and you miss 10-40 seconds.   If there is an intruder trying to get in, that time makes a lot of difference.

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@churchill_dadorder​ with regard to the original question, the answer is the same. The Outdoor Camera's deep sleep comes on even when plugged into AC, or fitted with the Solar Panel.

But our engineering team is very aware that many users are still seeing extended wake-up times, and further efforts to optimize performance through firmware updates is ongoing. The latest version is currently firmware 1.10, and more are on the way.

@davey_d It would be interesting to know what the real issue is.  These cameras can be coded in their firmware/software to send a low-impacting video stream to keep the camera in a always-awake mode when plugged into a power source.  People who run off a battery may have a difference issue, but you can also send a period low-impacting traffic stream to keep the wifi connection alive w/o draining the battery.   Hope they figure this out soon, because someone may call this out publicly.   I like Simplisafe and hope you release a fix soon.

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16 days ago

I'm going to add to the chorus here.  Brand new $1k+ system, 3 outside cameras all within good wifi range connecting to a $300 Netgear AX5400 router.  Whole house is only 1900 sqft and the router has 2500 sqft of coverage.  1 camera can't be more than 15 feet away from the router and they are all painfully slow to wake up and watch with slow jerky video.

If you can't fix the problem this whole brand new system was a waste of time and money.  At least expose the power settings and let the end user pick their poison.  I don't have them hard wired but I do have spare batteries.  I'd rather change the batteries weekly or even hard wire them (POE preferred) than have this level of performance.

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16 days ago

The wakeup lag and performance is definitely something ALL of the professional paid reviews forget to mention.

You don’t know before purchasing and running the system that the video takes 1min - 2mins to wake up. When it does connect, the connection sometimes shows a black screen so you’ll have to try to reconnect. After that reconnect, the video feed isn’t continuous it’s choppy at best and it still tends to drop or lose connection. At which point you’d start from the beginning.

Can’t figure the reason the Company thinks they can give, (after EVERYONE who’s bought the product and experienced the exact same drawback/flaw) that would truly calm the customers but eventually…someday in the future, after they’ve recouped their R&D, we’ll be lucky to finally get the option to keep it connected instead of it going into a hibernation mode. What ever they fix, stop advertising this thing and fix yourself immediately SimpliSafe.

 It’s past the point of excuses. Just fix yourself. Thanks in advance!

*My current setup - Hard wired power running through garage. Mesh router with excellent connection mounted to the ceiling directly behind camera. 


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We sincerely understand and share your concerns. We acknowledge that there are indeed many users who are seeing these lag issues, but it doesn't affect everyone. Our engineering team continues to work hard to tackle the issue with ongoing firmware updates. 

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It seems like this privlem is affecting everyone who cares about the lag time. I have a new system out the box and the problem is the same. I thought Simpli Safe was better than this. Highly disappointed