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Wednesday, February 2nd, 2022 12:11 PM

My camera shutters opening while in home mode

A couple nights in a row I can hear one of my cameras opening it's shutter at night (In home mode). I don't have any motion detected warnings or recordings. I don't have them set to open at all in this mode. Seems to have started after I gave simpli safe permission to view my cameras.



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2 years ago

Visual verification is a great feature, and yes, I opted in as soon as it was available.  As far at the shutter staying open, suggest you check the settings on your website dashboard to see if they match your app. if not, change there and save. If not fixed, you can try removing and adding your camera back in.  If still not fixed, call support and they may have to replace it under warranty.  Please post your outcome here is you get a chance. Thanks!

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2 years ago

It might be this and not the shutter, they sound similar


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10 days ago

Mine is doing the same thing. I KNOW mine is the shutter because I’ll also walk past sometime and notice it’s open. Randomly. I don’t have motion detection turn on. 

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@kylersandiego​ If the Privacy Shutter on your Smart Alarm Indoor Camera is open when motion detection is not on, it can help to reset the camera. If you visit this article in our Help Center, it will take you through the steps of resetting the camera.

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