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Friday, March 3rd, 2023 12:05 AM

Mounting a solar panel—ideas?

I bought a solar panel for the outdoor camera but I’m finding it difficult to mount. While the camera can easily hang from an eave, even without the optional mounting accessory, the panel arm doesn't have enough travel to allow this (and be pointed at the sun).

Any ideas/solutions? I have stucco exterior walls that I don't want to drill into. I have seem some gutter mounts for Ring panels; something similar for Simplisafe would be nice.

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3 months ago

It might now look great, but I mounted a board from the soffit and mounted 2 solar panels to the board.  I just used a couple of angle brackets to connect to the soffit.

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@general_kaos​ Hi,  I'm new inside the community.  I'm having issues with not getting the sun to hit the entire panel because I guess on where I thought was the best option.  So the solar panel is not charging my outdoor camera.  SimpliSafe doesn't provide much help or instructions for those who have eaves/soffits where the solar panel can stick out far enough to capture the sun on the entire panel.  I'm thinking I'll need someone to help me attach a board like you did, but I'm trying to visualize what that looks like?  Are you able to attach a picture of what you did as a solution to this issue?  Thanks much!

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