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Thursday, September 7th, 2023 2:59 PM

Solar Panel Connector Type?

I'd like to extend the cable from the solar charging panel (for outdoor cameras) so I can place it in a better position to get plenty of sun.
You'd think SimpliSafe would sell an extension cable, but apparently not.

Can anyone tell me what "type" the end connector is for the solar panel?

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9 months ago

Hi @mainepianoman ,

The Solar Panel uses a standard USB-micro connector for the plug end itself. Unfortunately, the two accessories for the Outdoor Camera - the Solar Panel and the Power Adapter - are the only ones specially designed with housing to fit flush into the Outdoor Camera's power port.

This is essential for providing a tight seal for water resistance. You might be able to find a third party extension cable that could fit, but we wouldn't be able to guarantee that seal.

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I find it ridiculous that a company would keep ignoring their customers requests for a solution to such a simple problem. 

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7 months ago

They should sell one as just discovered where I was going to install the panel is over the 13.1 feet from where I wanted to place the camera :( 

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