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Wednesday, December 23rd, 2020 6:59 PM

Motion Sensors trigger Camera Shutter to open

I have a motion sensor in my office and a couple of cameras elsewhere in the house. I have the office motion sensor set to Secret Alert so that I get notification if someone enters the office. The issue is that whenever motion is detected it also triggers all of my cameras to open their shutters and start recording. How can I stop the motion sensor from activation all of my cameras? I have several motion sensors throughout the house, all set up in the same way, and the end result is that all of my cameras are open and recording "Motion Detected Events" non-stop. If I turn off the secret alert then the cameras stop as well but I no longer get the notifications.

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11 months ago

I have the same issue and would love to have a setting to disable camera recording completely when in home mode even when secret alerts are triggered. Just the push notification is enough and dont need cameras recording all the time when I open the door in home mode.

Can this be implemented by the dev team?

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4 months ago

Why is this still not fixed? "Secret alerts" are not secret. And why can't we access the full sensor log from the app? Am thinking of returning this system.

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