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Wednesday, February 2nd, 2022 3:14 AM

Doorbell looks like it is using a sepia filter.

I started using the new Video Door Bell Pro right after Christmas. It works awesome, but randomly the video looks like it has a sepia filter on the image. It makes the image looks brown instead of clean and crisp. Google explains what I mean here: sepia filter - Google Search

It happens at random and to fix it I simply go into camera settings and change the resolution from 720p to 1080p or vice versa. The image instantly adjusts and can be good for weeks or just days. 

Any suggestions on how to stop this? I assume it not a hardware problem because a resolution change in either direction corrects it.


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2 years ago

Yep, you’re not the only one to see this issue: https://community.simplisafe.com/conversations/video-doorbell-pro/doorbell-cam-video-is-cloudy/61d8908d88c5567b84d5d127

Like you discovered, it can be “fixed” by changing resolution and then will be ok for a random amount of time before happening again.

As far as day vs night vision with regards to the color tint/hazy look, I have seen the same happen while in night vision mode as well, though I’m not finding any screenshots of this. Next time it happens at night, I’ll be sure to snag one. 

I haven’t seen any firmware updates on my doorbell in well over a year, which is rather disappointing. I hope SimpliSafe is working to address these kinds of issues, but with so long between updates it doesn’t appear to be the case. My base station has gotten several updates since my doorbell and simplicam were last updated…

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@ssuser19​ Thank you for sharing. Mine is still doing the same thing. It has nothing to do with night vision or surrounding lighting. The last time this happened the camera corrected itself and it has not happened again. However, I can go a week with no issue and suddenly it occurs. 

My issue is exactly as shared by the other poster in your link. Hopefully, SimpliSafe can get to the bottom of this and issue a firmware update. Appears to be software related since flipping resolutions corrects it. 



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2 years ago

@tek This is a new one for me, with the only explanation I can think of is a intermediate state between lighting levels that night vision is triggered and then stays there, when you go in to change it updates and if enough light shuts it off. I would definitely call support on this one. If you do and get an explanation, please post your outcome here so we all can benefit. Thank you.

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@captain11​ thank you. Next time it occurs I will try to toggle night vision instead of the resolution and see. Also will give support a call. 

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2 months ago

I am seeing the same behavior with one of my two doorbell cameras. I never saw it until the most recent firmware update, and it only occurs with one of the cameras even though both are on that same firmware version (so, I'm not sure if that's it, or if a difference in the lightning and transition from night to day causes it). It is the same as others mention, the display looks like it has a sepia filter applied, and changing resolutions will fix it. 

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