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Friday, June 30th, 2023 1:27 AM

Doorbell keeps dropping connection

I finally got the doorbell to work after receiving a chime connector and now I have another issue: connection drops several times a day. I’m using mesh and camera is located less than 3’ from a node. My work computer is connected to the same node and it never drops anything. Wireless Simplisafe camera is connected to the same node and for testing purpose is close to the doorbell and it does not drop the connection, either. 

Gathering by amount of posts about doorbell disconnecting, it is a known issue to SimpliSafe that they are not addressing. 

My other issue is that even though I have a chime connector and 16V transformer, my doorbell won’t ring and neither the base, unless someone holds the button. I do get a notification on my phone that someone is at the door. 
I have contacted support for the ringing issue and they asked me to do things I have done already several times. I had the electrician come to make sure everything is connected fine and there’s power coming in case I messed up the setup. Well, I did not. There’s power coming. 

This is all beyond frustrating and at this point I’m ready to return the entire system. I read reviews of reputable websites when making the decision to purchase it and I feel deceived. 

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1 year ago

Hi @iwona, 

I'm terribly sorry to hear this. I've escalated your case to our specialist team - a senior specialist will be in touch soon to make this right.

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9 months ago

Their doorbell is trash. Our internet speed is great, router is 15 feet from the front door (no walls obstructing besides the front of the house where doorbell is) and it will either be way delayed on catching any motion or it will drop each video after about 15 seconds and say no video found.  

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@anjuhl01​ The guided flows in this Help Center article will take you through troubleshooting the Video Doorbell's connection and help prevent future "No Video" errors.

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