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Wednesday, February 21st, 2024 5:13 AM

Could I Have just caught someone watching us through our Motion Camera?

Super strange. Wife and I disabled the alarm when we got home a little more than an hour ago. Motion sensor camera is set to briefly open/record when the away alarm is triggered, like when we get home and open the front door, and turns off within a minute of disarming. We’ve been home for about an hour and I randomly look at our motion sensor camera and noticed the camera shutter was open. I stared at it for a few seconds, then got my wife’s attention to look at it too. The moment we both looked at the camera, the shutter closed instantly. Coincidence? Checked timeline history and no recordings were listed. Did we just catch someone watching us or was it a complete coincidence that the shutter failed to close for the hour or so we’ve been home and the moment we both noticed it, and looked directly at it, it closed?

Adding some additional context: My initial thought here was that it was a potential compromise of our account. I do have 2FA enable and have not received any unexpected login attempts. I have since changed our PW just in case. SimpliSafe does not show any other logged in devices besides my phone. Removed the camera and will monitor for the next few days. Again, could be a total coincidence that the shutter malfunctioned (for the first time?) and failed to close after the initial minute recording, remained open for more than an hour unnoticed, and just so happened to close when my wife and I both noticed it and looked directly at it. Just makes me feel uneasy. 

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2 months ago

Hi @Larrgjr, 

This could have been an instance where the Smart Alarm Indoor Camera's Privacy Shutter got stuck open after you came home.

Did you notice a flashing LED light on your camera when its Privacy Shutter was open? A flashing blue light means that a user activated a recording or live stream, and a flashing amber light means that 24/7 live guard protection is enabled, there is an active alarm in progress, and one of our monitoring agents is currently looking at a live stream.

I also want to ensure you that no one at SimpliSafe has at-will access to your camera feed. The only time a monitoring agent can see a live stream or video footage is if 24/7 live guard protection or Video Verification is enabled and there is an active alarm in progress. 

Since you mention that you were not notified of any recent login attempts and you do not see any other devices logged into your account, that only furthers my hunch that the Privacy Shutter happened to be stuck open. However, to be completely sure, I've escalated your case to our Specialist team. A senior specialist will reach out to you soon, so keep an ear out for their call.

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