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Wednesday, April 6th, 2022 11:36 AM

Correlation between checking the video too soon and the "We've lost this part of recording" error

I've found that if I view the video of an event on either my doorbell camera or my Simplicam I often get the "We've lost this part of recording" error message.

For example:

I'm sitting on my couch, I get an alert that there is activity on my Simplicam on the back of my house. I look down, see my dog is lying on the floor and know that it was triggered by something else. I go into the Simplisafe app, then Timeline and check the video that was recorded. Note that at this point it has been a minute or two since I got the alert. The video will play for a second or two and then show the "we're processing" message (I don't recall the exact wording). 

At that point I know the video is FUBAR and won't display. 

After a few minutes, the video shows that it's ready to be played but will ONLY play up to the same point it had gotten to earlier - once it gets to where it showed the "processing" message it'll now show the "We've lost this part of recording" error. 

If you check my other posts/comments you'll see that I have a mesh WiFi network with nodes very close to where the cameras are. Both have a strong signal and report between 8 and 10 mbps upload speeed, there shouldn't ever be issues with them not being able to connect to the Internet or upload the videos. 

I believe there is a bug in the app or the camera's functionality, if it is interrupted by me trying to view the video before it has been "processed" it breaks the process and the video won't every display properly. 

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2 years ago

Thanks for reporting. It's certainly worth having our team check out!

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Was there ever a resolution to this issue.  I'm having the same problem.  My camera is within 10 ft of an access point and I have a synchronous 1Gb Internet connection.  My camera had perfect footage of damage being caused to my yard, but cut out after 10 seconds with the same error.

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@jnjadvertise​ Generally when this error message appears, it is because the camera disconnected from SimpliSafe while recording. I recommend checking the camera's connection strength by using the Connection Check tool in the SimpliSafe mobile app to prevent this from happening again. We provide the steps for running this tool and troubleshooting steps to take depending on your results in this Help Center article.

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6 months ago

I have the same issue - recently bought and installed a full system. Checking it too soon results in the video lost, consistently every time.

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