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Monday, May 18th, 2020 3:23 AM

Can't change Wifi network on cameras

I have an indoor camera and a doorbell one. Both are on the same wifi network.

I now need to change the network. I try to use the app, select camera settings, change the wifi and enter the new password. At this point the camera should turn on the white led, then scan the QR code. But nothing happens. The app asks me to plug in the camera (even if it is plugged already) and when I click on "no white light" but none of the suggestions help.

I really don't want to reset the cameras (especially the doorbell) to change the wifi network. It shouldn't be hard to get a new ssid and password to an already connected camera and restart.

What am I doing wrong?



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4 years ago

I'm pretty sure that if you change the network, you will need to reset the cameras.  The only way to program SSID and password into a camera is by generating a new QR code and scanning it, and I think the only way to scan a QR code is on a camera which thinks it is on it's first install.

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4 years ago

That's what I fear, thanks for your reply... Granted, it's not that common to change network, so I can understand why it's not a priority. But it's really not that hard to send an SSID and a password to a camera that is already connected to the internet.

It's really not that big of a deal on the normal camera, but a real pain in the neck for the doorbell one, where I need to take things apart to reach the reset button.

Also, the instructions here are completely wrong, which only adds to the frustration: https://support.simplisafe.com/hc/en-us/articles/360029925971-How-do-I-change-the-WiFi-network-my-camera-is-using- Notice how it starts with "If your camera is currently connected to WiFi:", but if you follow those instructions you get nowhere. It should say "you can't change your wifi network, you need to reset and re-configure your camera"

Pretty sure that resetting a camera also makes it impossible or at least hard to recover old videos. By resetting you are basically adding a new camera to the system, and need to reconfigure it from scratch.

Being able to change SSID and password from the app would be a much better user experience

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2 years ago

I had that problem, but I found a way through. If you pull the camera off of the housing (you may need a tiny hex wrench to release it) it will cut the doorbell camera off from its power source. So when you reattach it you can configure it just like it was a new doorbell camera.

For other cameras just pull the power cord off and reconnect.

3 months ago

Thanks.  This solution did not work for me.  Two SimpliSafe cams.  Installed a new router. One camera reconnected as per instruction.  On the other camera, I put the new network name and password in several times, and they would not take.  During the reconnect process, I'd change the network name and password, the camera would flash red, I'd go back into the settings, and it would still have the old network name and password.  I spent almost two hours on the SimpliSafe helpline just now -  tried to hold down buttons longer than 10 seconds, tried to unplug the camera 2 minutes, he sent a reset down the line - nothing fixed it.  I must assume I just have a defective camera.  Please email me, if you have a similar problem and have fixed it.  Thanks.  [Edited]


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Hi @thevirginiarose​, 

I first want to let you know that I removed your email address from your post. The Community is a public forum, and we want to protect the privacy of our users.

A blinking red light on the SimpliCam means that the camera is unable to connect to the Wi-Fi network. How far away is this camera from your router? I would recommend moving it about 5-10 feet away from the router to see if moving it closer helps it establish a connection.

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2 months ago

We recently changed our wifi name and had to reset all the cameras about 2 weeks ago.  We went through the process and all the camers reset and came online.  We are 2 weeks out all is good minus the door bell camera.  It's now not connecting and is picking up our old wifi.  I checked the panel and on the app and all other connect Simplisafe equipment they are all connected to the new wifi?  Is the only solution for this to reset the whole front door camera and re-add?  It's a pain to take the camera off.  It was a pain to install too.  Any other suggestions or reasons why this happened after it was completely working?

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@blchee0112​ It sounds like the Video Doorbell Pro isn't recognizing this new network name. I would recommend removing the Video Doorbell Pro from your account in the SimpliSafe mobile app and then add it back in. To remove the doorbell in the app go to My System > Camera Settings > select [your Video Doorbell Pro] > tap x Remove Device on the bottom of the screen. Once the device has been removed, you can add it back to your system by taking the steps in our installation guide

You can also try to connect the Video Doorbell Pro to your network by manually typing your network's name in the SimpliSafe mobile app. To go this, go to My System > Camera Settings > [your Video Doorbell Pro] > WiFi Network. From there, type in your network's new name and follow the on-screen prompts.

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Hi There!  I'll try the remove and add option.  I tried the manual add of the Wifi and it's telling me to totally reset the camera up again.  I'll try the first option and see if that will work. Thanks

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