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Tuesday, August 16th, 2022 10:56 PM

Cameras not picking up motion

​I’m so disappointed in the performance of the two outdoor Simplisafe cameras that I purchased. I can go outside and walk around in my driveway and the camera never picks up any motion. Same problem with the one on the side of my house. I wished I had read the comments on here before I bought them….I would have never wasted my money. ​

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7 months ago

Hi @perryjan88 ,

It sounds like you're having a different issue from others in a previous thread, so I split off your comment into a new one. From your description, neither your Outdoor Cameras aren't able to pick up motion at all, rather than just a delay as it wakes up from deep sleep.

Please let us know a bit more about your setup, e.g. how high the cameras are, what's in view, and especially how far they are from the Base Station. That can help us in troubleshooting.

Though of course, if you haven't already, we strongly suggest giving us a call at 800-548-9508. Our Support team can walk you through the troubleshooting over the phone, step by step.

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5 months ago

My cameras do not pick up motion either. The only one that works is the doorbell camera. I’ve tried every solution suggested. 

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Sorry to hear that, @jdreed2626,


I will ask you the same questions about your setup: how high the cameras are, what's in view, and especially how far they are from the Base Station. And since you've mentioned trying other suggestions already, it would be helpful to know what you've already tried. That can help us narrow down the issue.

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Hi - my outdoor stoped picking up motion when I updated the Wi-Fi network. The camera is 6 feet off the ground over the garage and it will not pick up a car pulling into the drive way and then right under the camera. 

it also does not pick anyone up walking around.

The only change I made from when it worked was the Wi-Fi network, and it worked well until then. 

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4 months ago

motion sensor on camera is junk it picks up cars on the street but no people who walk up on the porch , even within 10 feet of it , wont recommend to anyone.

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@servtec355​ You are 100% correct, I have one cam for my driveway, and it will pick up cars going down the road 100 ft away but won't pick up my car driving right pass it. doesn't matter what the settings are, I tried all of them and still the same thing. I think I made a mistake by not sending this system back when I had the chance.

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1 month ago

My camera doesn't react to any motion at all. It's in the same room as the base station and the wifi. I have moved it around, reinstalled it, etc. Never reacts to any movement, unless I'm actually moving the camera physically. Then, it records. Any other movement is basically ignored by the camera. I've had people steal from my porch right in front of this camera and it recorded NOTHING. A car crashed into the side of our house in sight of the camera; NOTHING. This is unacceptable for the amount I pay for this service. 


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