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Tuesday, April 26th, 2022 1:32 PM

Cameras and doorbell go offline and then back online for no reason.

I have 4 indoor cameras and a video doorbell camera.  For no reason 2 of the indoor cameras frequently go offline for short periods of time, then randomly come back online. The doorbell camera recently indicated that it was not connected and then a few minutes later was working fine. No power outages, no changes in location of base or router, service or anything.  With this first started I even ordered and installed your repeater/ extender and it's still happening. I can deal with this annoyance while we are home but if away for an extended period of time, I have no way to reset or check each camera. We can't be 1300 mi away and have cameras going offline and have to make physical adjustments to correct the situation.

Suggestions? My concern is system reliability for extended periods when we are away.  

Overall, we are extremely pleased with the SimpliSafe System.



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2 years ago

@GodfatherJr I have two outdoor cameras, 3 Simplicams and the doorbell camera.  All work fine on my Google WIFI mesh, but it did take a good deal of "tweaking" my point locations to get them there. Actually, the Simplicams have been rock solid for over a year now, with the firmware improved greatly over the years. The doorbell cam is now a close 2nd, while the outdoor cams, while good, still need improvement with their 6+ second start up to live stream.

All of that said, I recommend you use the ConnectionCheck Tool in the app. It is excellent for troubleshooting and to see if your signal strength and upload speed for each camera is good enough for each camera. One thing to note: a small relocation of a point or your extender and using the tool can make a significant distance. Movement of my garage point between my two outdoor cameras by about 3 inches made a huge difference! Yes, a PIA, but worth the time investment. 

If all of this still results in no improvement, or you have already done these steps, I would suggest you call Support to troubleshoot.

Please post your outcome here if you get a chance. Have a great day!

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2 years ago


Thanks for your suggestions and feedback.  I have used the ConnectionCheck Tool several times.  I get varying results for the signal strength of each camera each time I check it. The signal strength varies from time to time even on those cameras which have never gone offline and I have repositioned my extender.   My next step is customer service support.  

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