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Thursday, October 8th, 2020 12:24 AM

Camera notifications

I installed an indoor video camera with the outdoor kit to watch my driveway.  I get notified when people or cars move into the field of view.  I don't get notified if I lose power or WiFi connection.  Why?

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4 years ago

Loss of power or wifi is not a photographic event?

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4 years ago

Realizing no reason will be satisfactory because you expect it/think it should give notice, none the less here's my opinion why it does not from a semi-technical perspective...

The camera does not work though the base as do the other sensors. Being the case, it occurs to me there is nothing actively looking for a "heartbeat" from the camera such as happens between the base and, for example, entry sensors. With no heartbeat check there is no way for the system to understand if the camera is offline/lost connection/no power until you try to access it.

As there is no backup battery in the camera, the camera itself cannot send a notification for power loss (even presuming your router hasn't lost power too). If there is a loss of Wi-Fi connection there is no pathway for the camera itself to convey such a message (even if, in theory, it could).

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9 months ago

I stop getting outdoor camera sounds-notifications. I have set my iPhone to notify me by sounds when outdoor cameras detect motions. It had been working, but it's stopped. I need to sign in my iPhone to see badge on SimpliSafe App for any activity. The badge is always 1 though there were multiple recordings. I need sounds-notifications back, please. 

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