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Friday, August 13th, 2021 1:26 PM

Camera not working

I have one camera and it has stopped working.  There is no power light.  I have plugged it in to another outlet and it still does not power up.  Do I have to purchase another camera or will SS replace the camera at no cost.  Your comments/feedback is appreciated.



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2 years ago

It could be a bad power supply.  I've had a Foscam camera go crazy when the power supply went bad, so it does happen.  I don't have a Simplisafe camera so I don't know the specs of the power supply, but I would be tempted to see if I had a way to test it with a different one I may have laying around just to see if the camera would power up (but I like to tinker).

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2 years ago

Hey grimes.dan,

Your system is likely under warranty, so there'd be no problem with any replacements (at no cost). But as hondaman88 says, I'd suggest testing the power supply. Do you happen to have a cell phone charger? Any 5v unit (like those white iPhone blocks) will do. And the cable might somehow be damaged as well. It's just a regular USB cable, so you might be able to find a different one that fits into the SimplICam slot, to test.

We can replace just the power adapter, just the cable, or the whole thing. Whatever you need!

- Johnny M.
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