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Saturday, May 14th, 2022 2:23 PM

Camera Connection strength vs. connectivity

So the front doorbell camera has the worse (fair) connection speed and signal strength in the house, but consistently connects and display live video in less than 3 seconds. Contrast that with an indoor camera about 15 feet across the room from the house router that has the best stats (good) which takes 10 seconds to get a stream happening, and an outside camera literally on the opposite side of the exterior wall from the router with “good” stats that today is completely unable to start a stream. Power isn’t an issue as all cameras run at 100%.

Can we ask for whatever connectivity parameters/protocols governing the doorbell camera be instituted in all the other cameras? 

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2 years ago

@galenwork your experience doesn't seem to be the typical, as far as what we've heard from others in the Community.

It makes sense for the Outdoor Camera to be a bit slower, because it needs to wake up from deep sleep (to save battery power - but it does currently behave the same even if it's plugged into AC, or a solar panel). The past two firmware updates have included improvements to that responsiveness, and our engineering team is working on further.

That being said, there are still a few things we can suggest to optimize performance from your end.

But if your Indoor Camera is struggling, there might be something else going on. Did you say it was literally in the same room as your WiFi access point?



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2 years ago

@galenwork I would recommend you call SS support on this one. I predict the agent you get will not be able to assist but ask to have it escalated and arrange and suggest some specific dates and times you can be reached.

Please post your outcome here if you get the chance. Thank you!

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