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Tuesday, December 13th, 2022 2:08 PM

WiFi Disconnected, but did not receive notification in the app

Something disconnected my Base Station's Wi-Fi on 12/7/22 (Wi-Fi Disconnected in the Timeline), and I did not receive a notification via the app. It was one of the rare times it happened without notice, and it worries me due to the time of year (i.e., holidays). It was also odd as I was not home prior, and I set the alarm to Away. Four minutes after returning, the Wi-Fi went down and was not restored for over an hour (Wi-Fi Connection Restored). Again, I did not receive any notification; I merely happened to check my Timeline randomly. I had eight packages waiting at my doorstep and was notified of someone I had never seen going to the side of my home office window by Deep Sentinel before leaving (I was in the shower). I was gone for only 30 minutes.

I often test my system by purposely disconnecting my router, and I will immediately receive an alert of disconnection and restoration. So I am uncertain if it is an app issue @davey_d (a few Android updates have come quickly lately).

I am leaving for vacation soon, and after a decade with SimpliSafe, I do not feel safe after what happened. Yes, it did revert to cellular (I know from the Timeline's activity), but what if I am away and it does not?

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2 years ago

@shiherlis​ to clarify, you did see a Wi-Fi Disconnected message on your Timeline exactly when you expected it?

If so, that means the connection between your Base Station and the Monitoring Service was okay. And you might be right, the actual issue is just that the app didn't produce a notification when it should have.

Should there have been an actual alarm event in this scenario, you might not have gotten the popup message on your phone, but you would still get the phone call from Monitoring, and of course we would dispatch the authorities if you were not able to answer.

The not-so-good news is that I haven't heard of any (widespread) issues recently that would affect Push Notifications, so it's harder to pinpoint the cause of this incident. And as you said, our app team is establishing a very regular cadence for app updates, so if there were bugs detected, we can fix them faster.

Since you mention heading for vacation soon, I'm requested a call from one of our Specialists to do a check-up with you. So we can make sure that your system is in good shape before you go away.

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2 years ago

@davey_d to clarify, you did see a Wi-Fi Disconnected message on your Timeline exactly when you expected it?

I know this will likely not be read until Monday, but I did not expect it. My Wi-Fi was working the entire time with all other components. I was streaming, accessing Google Home, and using my PC without issue. I honestly would have never known had I not reviewed my Timeline (and within seven days).


Thank you for putting in a request for one of the Specialists to call. I will order extra entry sensors just in case (I will hide some that will trigger in unexpected places).

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