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Monday, March 14th, 2022 4:06 PM

Web app not opening

I keep getting redirected from my login and then setup /verification of my new system when I try accessing it from my laptop.

The correct page does flash momentarily.  (how I found the address)

When I manually type in the correct address for the app it redirects to the setup system screen.

The phone app is no issue.

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2 years ago

Hi @astringernicholas1 ,

Just to make sure I have this right: You already have an active account. When you log into the SimpliSafe app on your phone, you're able to see your account and control your system as normal. But when you log in through the webapp, you're being taken to the setup screen that's prompting you to activate your system?

If you could let me know the following, I can take this to our dev team:

  • The operation system (OS) on your laptop
  • What browser you're using to log into your account
  • What URLs are you seeing in the address bar? (since you mention them being different)
  • Other browsers you've tried to log in with


I have Windows 10

Browser is Firefox 9 (up to date)

Tried  Explore also

After login I get directed to  https://webapp.simplisafe.com/new/#/dashboard ( it opens temporary then redirects to - https://activation.simplisafe.com/#/collect-monitoring/delivered

I can go back in history to see the address but when I open it , it redirects

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Ah, that's an important detail. So you're able to get through the actual login page. But then the webapp is not recognizing that you already have an active account.

How long do you think this issue has been going on for you?

I was able never able to open it but once when I had camera connection issues about a year ago. I normally access the phone app.

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@astringernicholas1 I have great news! We looked into your account and it turns out there was a programming error on our end that we were able to fix up. So now if you log into the webapp, you should have full access.

I also took the liberty of applying a free month of service to your account for the trouble!

thanks it works and thanks for the free month

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