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Tuesday, July 13th, 2021 1:26 PM

Web app Away mode timer has 45000 second countdown

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2 years ago

Hi whoareu99,

That's another odd one. What browser are you using, and on what operating system? I wasn't able to replicate the issue myself on multiple browsers, so it might help to know your specific conditions.

And how fast did the numbers go? I'm thinking the counter was going in milliseconds instead somehow.

- Johnny M.
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2 years ago

It was using W10 and Edge browser.

The displayed value countdown increment was approximately 1 second.

Milliseconds crossed my mind too, and it's plausible that's the displayed value, but the countdown was by 1/sec and the arming did actually occur in about 45 seconds despite the huge number still showing in the button.

Even after the status changed to Armed (as confirmed by SMS received on a separate phone), the high number remained displayed and still counting down.
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