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Wednesday, May 13th, 2020 1:57 PM

Unexpected Error with App

So for the last several weeks, I have been unable to use the Simplisafe app on any iOS device.When I open the app, I get an Unexpected Error pop up, wanting me to call customer support. The same error happens when I try to use my pin. This happens on multiple devices. I have reinstalled the app, and last week, when I called customer support, I spent about 45 minutes with the nice CS rep, going through quite a few steps (uninstall/rebooting my base station/etc), He claimed that it must be an iOS issue with the current app, and that they were working on an update. Well, I noticed an update this morning, so  I updated the app on all my devices, but the problem persists. Is anyone else having/had this issue before?

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7 months ago

Hi everyone,

I wanted to provide an update here. Generally, the "Unexpected Error" message in the mobile app occurs when the Base Station loses its WiFi connection. To resolve this error, the Base Station need to be reconnected to your WiFi. We provide the steps to do so in this Help Center article.

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4 years ago

I can't help you much, but my sons iPhone is working fine so there must be something with your specific setup.

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4 years ago

I may be able to help you with this. First I would try cancelling the monitoring and reactivating monitoring to re-apply the account permissions (it would take a few minutes). Also the BS(base station) might need to be replaced (which I know how to do easily, for me).
I have the power to help you with these specific things, with you on the phone, just call SimpliSafe (800-297-1605) ask for ext 551, which is myself. (I end up receiving a message to call you back as long as I'm clocked in at the time.)

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Hi John. I've called several times asking for you, and you have not been available. I have left my contact info for you each time I have called.

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4 years ago

I just had this issue start tonight. I tried calling and their customer service lines was closed. My home base and key pad are working fine. The app seems to have issue which is weird because it was working all week after the last update. I'll be contacting customer support tomorrow.

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4 years ago

Is anyone else's still having iOS issues? All of our iPhones quit responding to the app. You open it and it shuts down in seconds but still runs in the background. I had another sim card and motherboard sent out to me and I replaced it myself and that did not fix it. It was later explained to me by a representative that that is only an issue with T-Mobile and Verizon because they are getting rid of the 3G so you have to upgrade. So even with all of those fixes I am shutting our phones down and reinstalling the app we still have zero nothing null. We had called in the first time they didn't know anything about any problems and then we called again and said just keep trying to turn on the app to see if it works periodically. So we are on three weeks now and still nothing. Anybody have any ideas? And let me note that we have an android phone in the house that does work with the app. We called in the first time they didn't know anything about any problems and then we called again and they said just keep trying to turn on the app to see if it works periodically. So we are on three weeks now and still nothing. Anybody have any ideas?

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4 years ago

I'm having this issue too.  I get the Unexpected Error occurred whenever I try to turn the alarm on/off through the app or through the website.  Used to work fine before.  I did the forced refresh and the reset of the base station, but still the issue is there.  I've been sitting on hold with customer support for a while now.

Anyone found a solution?

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ISSUE SOLVED.  After a very long time on hold, I finally go through to someone. It turns out for me the issue was that they had sent me a new SIM card for my base station and somehow it never got fully activated.  He activated it over the phone and then everything started working.

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4 years ago

ISSUE SOLVED 2.0                

After Installing the Replacement 4G Module in My Older System, the Base Wouldn't Take Commands from the APP or Online Account.  I Did Some Research and Found This SimpliSafe Support Forum Q&A About the 'Unexpected Error with Your System' Error When Trying to Do Things from the APP.

Since Someone Found the Solution was that the SIM Card was Not Fully Activated, I Called Tech Support and Spoke with Staci (Central Florida), Who was Fantastic and Listened to What I Thought Might Be the Problem.  She Then Went Ahead and Completed the SIM Card Activation On Their End and Within Moments Everything was Working Properly.  

A Big Thanks to Staci for Solving This Issue So Quickly.  PS - When I Called Customer Service I Only Waited On Hold for About 1 Minute and Then was Connected to Tech Support in Only 1 More Minute.  This Has Not Been My Experience in the Past, So Thank You SimpliSafe for That Improvement !!

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2 years ago

Yes, I am getting smart lock not communicating error message ever since I installed the lock (day 1) back in Feb 1 2022 

tonight oddly I am not getting that one but now getting “device connection” error message practically every time I open the App 

what error message are you getting ? thx 

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